Tent Meeting

Victory Baptist Tent Meeting

July 23 – 28, 2016

Every August, the Tri-Cities Tent Meeting is hosted at Victory Baptist Church.  Like-minded independent churches come together under a big tent to worship with evangelist speakers.  Evangelist John Bishop of Rosebud, Arkansas has been a regular speaker over the last five years.  Other speakers include Dr. Clarence Sexton, Otis Duheart, and Scott Pauley.

SUNDAY           Evangelist John Bishop

MONDAY          Evangelist Leonard Fletcher

TUESDAY          Dr. Clarence Sexton

WEDNESDAY   Evangelist John Bishop

THURSDAY       Evangelist Byron Foxx

FRIDAY              Dr. Joel Arthur

Local pastors bring some of their congregations.  Frequently, more than twenty pastors will attend on one evening alone.  The best part about the tent meetings is seeing decisions made to follow Christ in salvation and making decisions to do God’s calling.